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24 Thinkific examples to inspire your course creation in 2022!

Zaktualizowano: 9 gru 2022

Is it possible for you to create a course using Thinkific as the online learning platform? We cover all your needs! Thinkific is an online course creator's favorite platform for generating course content quickly. Hobbyists and entrepreneurs sell their experience in online classes to businesses of any size. You'll have some good examples of Thinkific online courses to use as inspiration. We recommend reading the Thinkific review as a complete review.

Thinkific Integrations

Thinkific offers an extensive range of integration solutions for taking your courses to new levels. There are many different choices. Go to the Admin Panel and click Market & Sales sections to access the Integration tab. Here are a few of the integrations that Thinkific offers with Infusionsoft by Keap as well as payments solutions for Infusionsoft by Keap. If you're looking for broader integration options with Thinkific, you could explore Zapier's integrations. The course is also able to be built by thinkingific and sold on Shopify. Keep in mind that the add-on options available on Thinkific change regularly.

Thinkific Payment Options

It doesn't matter what the price of Thinkific when choosing a service. Aside from this, you also must think about managing your payment. Incorporated payment processors are crucial for a successful payment process. When you accept a payment, you receive a refund by choosing your preferred payment provider. When you pay Thinkific it's important to have a payment processor. Thinkific offers direct integration to leading payment services including PayPal and Stripe. You may also choose whether you want integration into either one of your courses'builder features.

Thinkific Review: How's the Pricing?

Although I don’t know of any online course platforms offering hidden fees, Thinkific has announced that there aren’t many contracts with hidden fees for its customers. Is this really important? Though Thinkific also offers free plan plans to test out its services and not have to worry about its limitations. It will enable a startup shop to build a student population without paying a penny. You can use our free trials to try out the higher-end plans. It's divided into four easy packages: Thinkingific has some very good advantages with regard to pricing layouts.

Some Things to Consider Before You Choose Thinkific

You must consider several factors while choosing Thinkific as an effective online course. When you develop an online course you may be interested in selling it. Thinkific does not provide an integrated marketing toolkit. You have to integrate other tools to automate emails, social media, and analytics. Thoughtific makes these integrations simple using Thinkific apps and Zapier. Thinkific has an unlimited course program. But just to give you a basic overview, we'll show you some Thinkific alternatives.

Dani Mac Yoga

Dani Mac Yoga is a wonderful Thinkific membership that was created by passions. Founder Danielle Maclean has posted a new series every week where students are able to learn basic yoga techniques along the way. For 24 monthly dollars or 199 annual tuition students can take short tutorials or longer classes to suit their needs. Browse hundreds of options for the level of expertise you need. Try this for 7 days.

Dental Intel Training

Who uses Thinkific? Dental Intel is one of the leading tools to measure, analyse and grow dental practices around the globe. Thinkific has developed a website building software platform that helps their customers maximize their software's value for money. You can access all of their trainings for free. Users can also get assistance with technical queries from the support staff.

Coastal Drone Co

This Thinkific-based online course provides pilot training for drone pilots. Technically incorporated by WordPress, the Coast Drone Company uses Thinkific integration for the course. Instructors have two options for drone pilot clients. The basic pilot certificate is 95 and the advanced pilot qualification is $ 599. These are ideal for experienced drone technicians.

Lasater Yoga

Judith Lasater has more than 30 years experience and remains one of North America's leading yoga teachers. She has worked alongside her daughter Lizzie and Thinkific, and offers webinars, videos, audio, FAQs and a testimonial for all classes. The Judith grant is good at teaching and provides students with Continuing Educational Credits from yoga associations.

Key to Pictures

Key to Pictures - Thinkfic Course Platform designed by Katie Evans — offers online video courses to teach students how to take good photographs. She also has courses for beginners and professionals in photography in Disney castles. The program allows Thinkfic to offer students free search engine ad revenue to recommend friends of the school.

Rachel's English Academy

Rachel is able to help non-native English speakers learn English grammar dictions and fluent speaking. Starting with YouTube, Rachel's e-learning academy joined Thinkific and expanded her abilities in teaching students about their learning experiences. Students may access online classes audio files as well as Facebook groups.

Thinkific Review: The Best Features and How They Benefit You

An effective online course build platform typically provides you everything you need. Includes course development, sales, marketing, and teaching/student management responsibilities. Thinkific's systems do not offer courses on their web sites. Your content is hosted on Thinkific but this allows you to control how you want it to work. In comparison with other systems like Udemy Thinkific provides a more streamlined brand management system. Let us take a closer look at other unique attributes.

Promotions on Autopilot

Almost all courses on the web don't work properly. This is unfortunate because people can't make much money if the courses don't have a name on them. Thinkific has an effective program that includes marketing tools. Many things are also automatic. If you want to distribute content to students that will be available in different ways with each new course, Thinkific can help. A further advantage is the ability to target the right people by automatically sending them messages - according to their schedules. Pricing is also available at You can also pay instantly when a student joins a course.

Excellent student management and communication modules

Upon completing Thinkific's assessment I noticed that it was very smooth with students. This is an online student manager with photos of the students, names, phone numbers and detailed information about their progress on the course. You may send customized email addresses to students or start conversations with everyone. The incentive is an important part of this training environment because Thinkific offers completion documents, reports, and of course email allowing you to send out anything you need on the course.

A mostly drag and drop editor for Quick Course Design

Thinkific looks good despite competition for course designs. It's not worth messing with code unless it makes sense. All of your courses are organized using simple drag and drop editors which stack courses and move them horizontally. The company is capable of uploading most media types. PDF to audio, survey to quiz, this platform has everything that you need to give your students. These files can all be downloaded and stored on the Thinkific server.

How to Create a Thinkific Course?

It doesn't take much time for people who want an online course or make money from it. Thinkific offers many tools to make it easy to sell and buy online courses. The course's versatility is supported by its accessibility as there is no longer any longer time to register and publish your first course. This section teaches how to design a Thinkific course, and many important information about creating a course as seamless a process as possible.

Create your first course

Let us go on and create some course content. To create courses select the template. It also includes templates, but you can simply click on “Blank” to start with zero knowledge. Create a course name by adding the chapter by clicking the Add chapter. You may have several chapters as small as you want. Within every Chapter there are lessons to learn. Maybe you wrote these lessons for other software then exported them in a video or another video format. In such a case, it is possible for the user to just upload the file by clicking on Thinkific and dragging it to the software using “Bulk Importers”.

Publish your course

After creating your landing page you can start publishing your content. You can find learning content in the Learning Contents menu, or choose a course. Select the course to be published, check every detail and hit publishing button. Click "Publish" button to save. To promote the course Thinkific has a list of ways to complete it correctly. You can easily copy this link on your facebook. Those with paid plans will be able to create e-mail lists with information that are shared by each person who enrolls in classes. All right. The course will appear and is shared by the public.

Customize Your Course Landing Page

You have to create a landing page and the landing page must be compelling. The better your site is, the more you can sell your course. It's best to have a tab at right where you can click "Create Landing Page". It has seven basic components of an effective landing page. This component is a banner. Click Site Builder, click Courses and choose the landing page. Click the button and then on the image Heroes. It's possible to download the photos you want. When it is completed, click save to save. If you'd like to make a call to action button, you can click on “Add button”.

Create a new account

Firstly, let's start with a web-based educational program. You should visit the Thinkific site. I am able to create new accounts or give free trial plans. When the account has been setup, click Settings on the side of the menu Change your school name. A school URL may also be provided. If there is no paid plan then no “Thinkific” is present on URLs. You should look into this menu. Manage learning content enables you to control your lessons, keep track of your instructors, videos, and share income with others. The word "design a site" is quite obvious.

Thinkific – Types of Lessons

When creating an online course you need to consider whether the LMS supports the course materials and content that are offered in the course and how you plan to teach the course. Thank you Thinkific for letting us compromise your pupils' educational progress anymore. Thinkific offers an assortment of lesson formats suitable for all topics. You should be able to drag the files onto your computer.

Text lessons

You can add photos, audio and downloadable attachments as well as video clips to this lesson. It is true that various media adds life to this lesson. You can select several formatting options with a convenient toolbar that keeps its top position despite being scrollable. The only drawback I found was thinkific's lack of automated formatting of codes. So a Thinkify application for developing code courses would be inefficient.

Survey lessons

This survey is done without the assistance of any other tool. Thinkingific incorporates surveys into the course. This helps you analyze what students learn from one class and can even help you get feedback after completion of each lesson. Surveys can be made of various kinds ranging from ratings based, scale based responses, and answers.

Video lessons

Video Lessons offer more interactive ways to teach, thereby improving learning experiences. All uploaded video files can be viewed on Wistia Hosting Services. It can import many video formats. Please add a further text under the video to the textbox. You can also configure different playback settings like:

Presentation lessons

You may upload your presentation to PDF format and indicate whether users can get them. Among other convenient options is Voiceover presentation, enabling recording of your audio with the presentation. Other lessons available through the Thinkific Grow expand plan are the following:

Questionnaire. Leçons

The Thinkific Quiz Creator is very straightforward. There are also options to choose the correct answers. Tell me the difference between Thinking and Thinking? It allows for a lot more details about your question and answer. This will really improve student knowledge.

PDF lessons

PDF lesson allows the use of Adobe PDF files within your classes. The maximum file size is 25MB.

Build an online course website

When you complete a course, Thinkific starts building a Site Builder. Cool builder for course, has the same functionality as other landing pages. I like it very much because of the opportunity to sell the course online from a website or from a company website if there was no web site. This software makes creating websites easy even if you aren’t a beginner.

Edit individual pages

The Thinkific website builder includes sections. All sections are easy to customize. The premade pages include sections that should help. If you need additional information, please visit our Answer section. 23 pages can be downloaded in a single page format. This team is clearly specialized in course promotion. It will assist you in building highly effective web content. Examples are: Simply slide in and place pages in place of the webpage. Click on the sections to edit and add content, change the layout and look, add photos, and much more. No matter what your skill level, it can be done even after completing all your courses.

Use site builder to customize your online course site

You can easily modify the appearance of the theme. This website building program offers many editing tools. You could create a complete website, or search for a specific website to build your own website. And better: the drag-and-drop tool is very simple too. In just minutes I created a professionally-looking website from a pre-made theme. What's your most efficient tool?

Site Builder summary

Thinkific's Site Builder is no separate software product. The work is good. Easy to use with great editability options. The software can be easily used to create training websites, and add training sites to existing websites. I'd like more theme options.

Pick a theme

Thinkific provides three template templates ready for development. Themes have different color palettes, different fonts and modified layouts. 10 design ideas are provided for your courses.

Create an entire training website

Thinkific's web site offers a variety of ready-made web sites for complete courses. This is the case: you can customize your site using Custom Pages.

Recognizable Thinkific customers

Thinkific has over 36,000 creator course titles, which include big names such as John Lee Dumas (Entrepreneur On Fire) and John Howes. Business customers include HootSuite, Samsung Intuit, AWeber and others. Thinkific is a global education resource accessible to over 16 million students and generates revenue of more than $200 million.

Drip schedule

Drip content features are useful to schedule lesson times. If I make 7-day Photoshop courses, the Drip Schedule will schedule one class / class per day. This is helpful when preparing a course that requires practice. Meditation, exercise, and so on. Content dripping encourages student engagement and enhances learning outcomes.

Thinkific Reporting and Analytics

Reporting is essential for a business strategy. Your user feedback will help manage more engaged users on Thinkific. You can use Stl report for easy viewing data about your students. It is possible for an exporter to segment users using the section filter. The filters are: For progress reports Thinkific provides 3 options:

Thinkific Reporting and Analytics

Reporting is essential for a business strategy. Your user feedback will help manage more engaged users on Thinkific. You can use Stl report for easy viewing data about your students. It is possible for an exporter to segment users using the section filter. The filters are: For progress reports Thinkific provides 3 options:

Build your first course

On the course webpage there is already an article called Your First Courses. When I started my initial classes, my interface and layout became clear. Courses are arranged by chapter and lesson structure. To create, just click ‘Add lesson' and select the content category. You can submit the material to your instructor. Also this means you are allowed: When you have many courses you can use BulkImporting for uploading all files at the same time. By clicking Copy lessons from it is possible to add your existing lessons to your course.

Customize how your courses look to students

The student can find your learning material via CoursePlayer. You can customize its appearance under ‘SetTING' under the Course page. Options may include re-color or rebranding the logo. You can modify course descriptions and photographs by clicking this link. My favorite part is that the lessons can be seen directly by Courseplayer. The ability to see the class in your students' way is helpful. The way you present them can easily be interpreted as clear as attainable.

Set assignments and check progress

Assignments, quizzes and surveys are extremely helpful. This is taken out of the Thinker Lesson. Create a project that students are allowed to complete directly. So it's easy for students to get their course information all at once. You can specify assignments necessary to finish the course. Assignments can also be obtained through our pro plans.

Course Builder summary

I found the learning tools for courses simple and effective. The instructions for your steps are very important. There's plenty on hand to explore. Course Building software makes putting a course together quick and easy. For simplicity this course does not provide extensive choice for the course design. Register for thought free.

Alternatives to Thinkific

Thinkific was our most successful choice. However, our customers are always looking for thorough comparisons. We also reviewed other options.

Does Thinkific still have a free plan?

Thinkific pricing comparison Overview. Thinkific Free Plans allow you to run up to three courses for an uncapped number of students. However, the basic, pro premium, growth, and Plus packages do not include any free tests.

Is Thinkific com legit?

Thinkific has legitimate interests. Its founder in 2012. It now boasts more than 2,000 workers serving more than 36k courses.

Can you make money with Thinkific?

During the past year, Thinkific customers successfully created and sold their own courses and changed their lives as well as their students' lives. The company reaches out to creators of courses with a net turnover of over $100k annually from the online courses.

Is Thinkific or teachable better?

Teachable is able to offer free courses for a limited number of people with no minimum enrollment. Thinkify gives you unlimited users but you can only create 3 courses with free plans, limiting you to courses you can't do for a fee.

What is better than Thinkific?

cheap thinking solutions. Pay plan starts at $49.30 per month and has no transaction fee unless a paid plan is used. LearnWorld's plan is $29/month. Teacher: This annual plan costs $39/month without transaction charges. LearnDash: The program is $199 per month. Mighty Network: Plans start at $33.9 / month. Payment plans start with a fee of $39.97 monthly, no transaction costs are charged. LearnWorlds: Arrangement starts from $299 per month. Teacher. It's a plan for roughly $39 a month without transaction costs. LearnDash plans are priced at around $999/month, or $99 for two years. Mighty Network's plan starts at $339/month.

What is a Thinkific course?

It provides tools for entrepreneurs to develop, market and sell online courses.

How do I find courses on Thinkific?

Useful: You are able to lookup e-mail addresses and the names of a user. The enrollment process is simple and allows for searches if an email address is entered in the account for an individual. Orders - Search orders with order numbers, user names, and e-mail. Course – Search for courses based on their names.

How do I get a free Thinkific course?

Yes students must register at Thinkific's website to view free preview courses. The thinking course player can also monitor and record student progress on the Free previews. Existing student user accounts are able to login for free preview.

How many courses is Thinkific free?

Thinkific Free Plan: The generous site allows creators to develop up to 3 courses, including a mini-course and two paid courses, and gives unlimited student access.

How much does Thinkific cost per month?

Thinkific pricing plan. Free plan: $0 monthly. Basic plan: $59.00 / month if billed every year. Pro Plan: $999/month. Prime Plans: $499 or $399 yearly.

How long is Thinkific free?

Thinkific offers a 30 day free trial as well as more than $1,000 bonus. Thinkific offers a free plan to learn all the features and functionality that Thinkific offers.

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